Theater | Jitney Now Showing At South Coast Repertory

jitney-2Jitney Now Showing At South Coast Repertory

Get to know the hustling gypsy cab drivers of Pittsburgh’s Hill District in August Wilson’s poignant play.

Enjoy a night out at the theater with Jitney now on stage at Costa Mesa’s South Coast Repertory. A follow-up to the successful 2010 SCR production, Fences, August Wilson’s newest show takes audiences back to the 1970s as urban renewal threatens a storefront station where the drivers of gypsy cabs, known as jitneys, share their funny stories about the day’s fares and meddle in each other’s lives. Fences patriarch, Becker, returns to foster-parent his family of cab drivers along with their friends and lovers. Cronies drop in, fights break out, a son faces his father after 20 years in prison, lovers make up and just as we get to know this cast of colorful characters, Wilson asks us to look again. In spite of many hardships, the characters of Jitney never relent in the struggle for personal dignity. 655 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.708.5555.