Art | Explore Edgy Art at Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa

Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa Brings an Urban Vibe to Orange County’s Art Scene

dax gallery in costa mesa

Frida Kahlo by Rene Alvarez Makela on view at Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa.

Newcomer Dax Gallery showcases contemporary urban fine art, adding to the thriving scene in Costa Mesa’s SOBECA district.

Located in one of Orange County’s hippest enclaves, Costa Mesa’s Lab Anti-Mall & Camp district, this 4,500 square foot space is a platform for contemporary urban fine art. Founders Alex Dax Amador and Chris Kane bring a taste of the movement that pervades major metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York to an entirely new audience, showcasing artists that are byproducts of 21st century American culture. “My dream is to inspire a deep appreciation for unconventional street art…where this type of art is not seen every day,” says Amador, a young entrepreneur with a passion for non-traditional expressionist urban art such as graffiti, oil paintings, fashion photography and mixed-medium creations. 2951 Randolph St., Costa Mesa, 714.957.1706.