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Fall in love with unique items for both the home and the wardrobe.

Décor treasure trove Viridian is tucked away in a World War II Quonset hut in Costa Mesa. Owner Lisa Kray travels to antique markets in the Midwest U.S., Europe and Asia in search of unique objects, vintage furnishings and bohemian textiles. Kray’s rule is: “If it wouldn’t make it into my own home, it won’t make it into the store.” Expect to find estate jewelry, storage jars, artworks, driftwood, bits of coral, typewriters and patterned pillows among industrial items repurposed for the home, such as antique ladders transformed into shelves. Much of the inventory contains shades of Kray’s favorite colors: blue and aquamarine—and viridian, of course. 1663 Superior Ave., Costa Mesa, 949.336.0381.