Getting the Most Out of a Visit to a LA Korean Spa

Getting the Most Out of a Visit to a LA Korean Spa

When you step into a Los Angeles Korean spa, leave your Western assumptions and attitudes behind. Western spas are quiet and private. Korean spas are anything but. Korean spas are meant to be social. Go with friends or make new ones you meet in the sauna. Discover why a Korean spa is such a recommended Los Angeles experience. Here are a few key differences to keep in mind to get the most out of your spa experience.

Clothing Optional

Korean spas are no place to be modest. People in co-ed areas usually wear a pair of shorts and a robe, but nudity is the norm the wet areas that include the pools, steam rooms and saunas. It can be a bit jarring for the uninitiated, but your nakedness is quickly forgotten. Nobody bats an eye. You’ll see bodies of all shapes and sizes. Naked areas are segregated by gender. Relax about your body. It’s no big deal and part of the cultural experience.

The Korean Body Scrub

You may feel like you’re getting all your skin rubbed off in a Korean body scrub, but trust me, the results are well worth it. Your skin will be softer than a baby’s, even if you feel raw after losing several layers of skin.
Also be prepared to shower about 50 times during a visit. You shower off before you do any new activity, whether visiting the tea Jacuzzi, steam room or the pool. The first shower should include shampoo and soap. Anything after that is just a rinse down. Not showering before doing a new spa treatment is considered impolite.