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California Home + Design: Small Space Big Style

See stylish design come alive in a Hollywood penthouse at California Home + Design’s designer show house, Sept. 14-Nov. 18.

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Photos + words by Christina Xenos

View of the living and dining rooms designed by Christopher Kennedy at

Seven of Los Angeles’ best designers collaborate to transform a three-bedroom, 1,400-square-foot penthouse in the heart of Hollywood. The result is a stunning series of spaces that exhibit innovative, custom designs by forward thinking designers: Christopher Kennedy, Azadeh Shladovsky, Molly Luetkemeyer, Erinn Valencich, Brian Patrick Flynn, Christian May, Potted and Danielle Cornwell. The space—part concept house, part decorator showhose—is open to the public for two months to check out at the Hollywood Condos in the heart of Hollywood. $20, Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles. Fri. (10 a.m.-2 p.m.)-Sun. (10 a.m.-3 p.m.). 6735 Yucca St., L.A.

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