Elephants of Asia at L.A. Zoo

See the Elephants of Asia at the L.A. Zoo

Elephants of Asia at Los Angeles ZooDiscover Asian elephants from Thailand, India, China and Cambodia at the L.A. Zoo’s newest exhibit. As you journey up Elephant Plaza to the elephant habitat, you will see life-size metal statues that compare and contrast Asian elephants with their African cousins, and get a view overlooking the elephants. Once you arrive, you will see the elephants explore their habitat of bathing pools, sandy hills, varied topography. The new high-tech barn is capable of care of elephants of all ages and takes visitors on a journey of discovery about Asian elephants and their place in the history and culture of their origin. The exhibit opens Dec. 16. Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Golden State (5) and Ventura (134) freeways, 5333 Zoo Drive, L.A., 323.644.4200 Map T23 LaZoo.org

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