An Embarrassment of Riches: There’s Too Many Things to Do in Los Angeles!

Choosing Things to Do in Los Angeles

I am a product of Generation X, and like the Dave Matthew’s song that bemoans the modern state of having too many choices, I scan the pavement and palm tree laden horizon of LA and ponder the endless list of things to do in Los Angeles. There’s the California coast, filled with nostalgia and good for the soul, beach boy vibrations. Then there’s the endless bar scene from Santa Monica to the swills of Silverlake, where khaki wearing corporate types or wanna-be screenwriting hipsters abound. Lest I forget the hippest daytime spots in LA, which currently includes strolling Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach to window shop and sip on large lattes, or climbing the stairs just north of San Vicente with others equally determined to attain and tighten an array of toned physiques. There’s plenty of offbeat, crazy digs to catch in LA. Nothing’s too weird in this city!

Recently, I’ve been drawn to less crowds and more views, like the one from the top of the Getty (that’s free on Saturdays) or better yet, the Griffith Park Observatory (which may be the only spot to appropriately appreciate that Los Angeles is really four cities in one). Of all the amazing things going on in Los Angeles, sometimes getting outside for the best view is the wisest way to spend your day, especially if you find yourself at home again, unable to make a game time decision.