Shiseido Blue Project: Oyster Restoration

Shiseido Blue Project: Oyster Restoration

The Olympia Oyster is one of the only native oyster species on the West Coast of the U.S & Canada who’s population has seen a very significant decline and threat to their ecology, so Shiseido has brought everyone together to do something special for this sea creature.

This event  will be filled with volunteers helping create a new habitat for the Olympia Oyster and marine life by dropping hand-sewn bags made with coconut coir and Pacific Oyster shell onto the coast where the Olympia Oyster can settle and create a new home. Restoration of oysters and eelgrass is critical to the health and resiliency of the Newport Bay ecosystem because both species provide many ecosystem services for our coastal wetlands. Oysters increase the abundance of fish and wildlife through their creation of complex habitat and improvement of water quality through filter feeding. Oysters also stabilize sediments and buffer erosion and wave energy, which can reduce the impacts of sea level rise.

The event is finished.

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