Israel Galván Maestro de Barra

Israel Galván, the world’s leading flamenco artist, is known for his lightening-fast and passion-fueled performances that has reinvented flamenco for a new generation. During the stay at home order he has sought to find spaces for “seguir bailando” (keep on dancing) until we can return to some semblance of normal again. Known for his ability to transform his body into an instrument and his hypersensitive ear, Israel Galván is able to ”hear” the air of public spaces in a way that amplifies their internal rhythms, pauses and silences which he uses as the score for his new work, Maestro de Barra, in which he marks the presence with his body, to point out, precisely, that everything one can hear, can also be danced to, that sounds can be ordered, accompanied and understood as a rhythmic vibration that can be translated into movement.  

Free. 7 p.m.

The event is finished.

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