San Diego Repertory Theater on the Lyceum Stage

This Obie Award-winning playwright’s new play is laced with incisive humor and surprising revelations about the assumptions of comfort and privilege that lie at the heart of the American character. The epic tale is set in the turbulent Bush years of 2000–2005 beginning on Thanksgiving of 2000 when the presidential election had still not been decided. Ellen, a hyper-intelligent and politically-obsessed freelance writer, insists that her friends don’t realize how bad the situation really is. No one—not her adoring boyfriend Danny, her new lover Amy, or her worldly wise and weary friend Judy—can make Ellen see the blind spot at the center of her own politics and emotional life. San Diego Repertory Theater on the Lyceum Stage, 79 Horton Plaza, San Diego. 619.544.1000.

79 Horton Plaza, San Diego
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