Why Los Angeles Traffic Patterns Literally Stole Nearly a Week Off Your Life Last Year

Though by definition Los Angeles sigalerts are unplanned events, you can pretty much count on them happening nearly every day like clockwork. According to Wikipedia, “a Sig Alert is defined by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as ‘any unplanned event that causes the closing of one lane of traffic for 30 minutes or more.’ But like Murphy’s traffic laws, expect chaos to happen every day on the asphalt that is LA.

LA Traffic is the Nation’s Worst

According to the LA Times, drivers spent 81 hours idling on the highway in 2015, the highest cumulative delay of any US metropolitan area. The data stems from a study released by the data company Inrix, and pretty much confirms what your nerves have long been telling you. Los Angeles traffic patterns form the 9th circle of Hell, and there’s plenty of data to confirm it. The city suffers from four of the most congested highways in the world. And it all depends on the neighborhood in LA. Drivers on certain sections of the 101 literally spend 5.5 days of an average year stuck in traffic.

San Francisco stands as the second worse place to drive a car in the US, but Bay Area residents still spent about 5 hours less in traffic than LA residents in 2015.

Driverless cars will add some efficiency, but not much. But hey, at least you’ll be able to get some reading done or catch some much needed ZZZs.